10 Rounds Review and Tips – What to know

When I was younger I loved taking cardio kickboxing classes. I even had the Tae Bo workouts. So when I heard about 10 Rounds I wanted to try it out. It’s not the same as kickboxing but you will feel it in your legs as well as your upper body!

10 Rounds review and tips to know before getting started. 10 Rounds is a boxing workout from Beachbody On Demand.

What is 10 Rounds?

10 Rounds is a six-week program that has three days of boxing workouts. And two resistance-training workouts each week. It is a low-impact workout that will kick your butt and get you into shape.

Every workout targets your core. You will work out for 5 days a week for 6 weeks. You’ll get your body into shape with the different punching combinations. Also, strength training will help you build muscle and sculpt your body.

The trainer of the program is Joel Freeman. He is great at explaining the moves and motivating you to keep going!

Cost of 10 Rounds

10 Rounds is available through a Beachbody on Demand membership. Beachbody has 3 different payment plans you can choose from.

  • A 3-month membership is $39.99
  • A 6-month membership is $59.99
  • A 1-year membership is $99.99

10 Rounds is a 6-week program. So if that is the only program you want to do then buy a 3-month membership. But there are other great programs worth checking out from Joel like Lift4.

Beginners and 10 Rounds

10 Round is a great program for beginners. You can make this program as hard or as easy as you want. For the boxing workouts, you can move slower if it’s difficult for you to keep up with the cast. During the lifting workouts, you can use lighter weights.

Workout Length

The 10 Rounds boxing workouts are 30 to 40 minutes long. You’ll work through 10 Rounds each boxing day. Each of the rounds lasts for 3 minutes. You will start with the warm-up. And end with the core exercises.

The lift workouts are 30 minutes long. You’ll be doing two lift workouts a week.

The workouts don’t have a stretching part at the end. But there are two separate 5-minute stretching videos. One video is for boxing days. The other video is for lifting days.

What you should eat while on 10 Rounds

10 Rounds comes with the Beachbody guide to nutrition. It has calorie guide recommendations. And meal prep tips to help guide you through the program. This guide can help you create healthier habits. 

You can also pay an extra fee and sign up for the Ultimate Portion Fix or 2B Mindset programs. 

The Ultimate portion fix creator is Autumn Calabrese. With her program, you will learn how to measure your portions with containers. 

2B Mindset can help you overcome emotional eating. It helps you learn to have a healthy mindset with food. It will teach you how to make healthy food choices in any situation. 

While on 10 rounds I did not follow any of these programs. Instead, I followed the Whole30. The Whole30 is an elimination diet. I have done several rounds of Whole30 for the last 3 years and love the results. Check out this post of the Beginners Guide to Whole30 to find out more. 

What is needed for 10 Rounds?

You will not need a lot of equipment for 10 Rounds. The only items you will need are a resistance loop, a towel, and dumbbells. For the majority of the program, you’ll be boxing. But plan on lifting weights 2 days a week. 

For the lifting days, you will need light, medium, and heavy pairs of weights. I used five, eight, and ten-pound weights. Though I could have benefited from heavier weights on leg days. I had to use what I had. 

You will be using a resistance band in every workout. Usually, it’s to help you warm-up the upper body before you begin the boxing workout. But you will also use it during the core exercises. And at times in the lift workouts. 

A towel is for the conditioning part of the workouts. A hand towel is all you need. The purpose of the towel is to get you used to keep your guard up.  

Is 10 Rounds a good workout?

10 Rounds is an amazing workout! At the end of every workout, you will be sweaty and sore! So you will know that you worked hard.

If you are looking for a total body workout then this program is what you need. You would think that boxing would only work your upper body but it is also a lower body work out.

With all the footwork you will be doing. You will also be working your core a lot with the slips and roll moves. Also, from turning your hips to drive power to your punches.

I loved 10 rounds. It is a fun workout that kept me moving. I worked my core every day during this work out which is an area that I need to focus on.

This workout can be frustrating at first. If you are not used to boxing workouts. I am a perfectionist. So it was hard to not get frustrated when I didn’t throw the right combinations or move the right way.

But once you let go of doing it right and concentrate on moving you’ll enjoy the workout so much more! Once I started the third week it started getting easier to follow.

But the workout isn’t all about punches. You’ll have to learn the footwork too. Such as fans, shuffles, and pivoting. Also, moving forward, backward, and in an L-formation.

Your lower body will also be feeling the burn! You will feel it in your legs when you have to punch high and low. You will also feel it when you do the rolls.

The conditioning part of the workout will also get you heart pumping. And your legs will feel the burn. Because there is a lot of squats and lunges.

What does mirrored mean on 10 Rounds?

The mirrored workouts are the same workouts but the images are flipped. So if you are right-handed this is very helpful because you will be going in the same direction as the cast. It’s less confusing to follow.

The workout on day one was hard to follow. I’m used to following the cast when working out. But since I’m right-handed I was doing the opposite of the move. The next workout I did I tried the mirrored version.

It was so much easier to follow. Because I was moving the same way the cast was.

My results from 10 Rounds

I lost 10 pounds during this program. I didn’t lose a lot of inches though. Which surprised me because when I looked at my picture I thought I looked more toned. But I am happy with my weight loss. I know my nutrition had a lot to do with the results as well. 

What I Liked About The Program

I loved how fast this program went. Each of the boxing workouts is about 40 minutes long. There are 10 rounds in each for the boxing workouts and the time flies by.

You get out of your head while doing this workout. Because you are concentrating on what punches to throw and how to move your feet. So you don’t have time to watch the clock.

Also, I felt like a badass in the end when I was boxing. Because I learned the combination and was following along. I may not have looked like the cast. But I felt like I was punching and moving like they were. This is the first workout I have completed with Joel. I loved him as a trainer!

Why You Should try 10 Rounds

You will get what you put into this program. If you don’t put any power behind your punches and if you don’t move your hips then you won’t see a lot of results.

I hope you found this on 10 Rounds helpful! What is your favorite at-home workout? Let me know in the comments:)

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