20-minute workouts on YouTube that make you sweat

20-minute workouts are a great way to fit exercise into your busy day. I have two little ones running around. And they always want my attention. Finding the time to exercise can be a challenge. I’m busy with the demands of being a mom. But I know I’m able to find 20 minutes somewhere in my day to exercise.

A list of free ten 20-minute workouts on YouTube that will help you fit exercise into your busy schedule.

Since I am a stay at home mom it is a lot easier for me to workout at home. You don’t need a home gym to work out. All you have to do is turn on YouTube. Youtube is a fantastic source for finding free workout videos.

A channel that I love is POPSUGAR Fitness. There are SO many videos to choose from and the videos are free! Popsugar offers a wide variety of exercise videos. These videos range in different lengths and types of exercises.

Anna Renderer is the host of these workout videos. I love Anna, she’s easy to follow and fun to work out with. In these videos, there are usually two other people with her, one of which is doing modifications. So if you need to modify the workout you can. 

Ten 20-minute workouts on YouTube:

Burn Up the Calories With This At-Home Cardio Workout

20-Minute Full-Body Fit and Sexy Sculpting Workout

Taylor Swift’s 20-Minute Go-To Workout | Class FitSugar

Boost Your Metabolism in Just 20 Minutes

 20-Minute Tabata Workout

Burn Up the Calories With This At-Home Cardio Workout

Body Sculpting Workout To Get Your Heart Rate Up | Class FitSugar

Tone Your Entire Body With This Bodyweight Workout

These are the ten  20-minute workouts I am working on this month. I’ll end up doing each video three times this month. Since there is a lot of variety, I definitely will not get bored.

I like to plan which workouts I want to do for the month ahead. That way when it comes time to exercise I can jump right to the video and not have to sit on YouTube searching. All you have to do is make a playlist, then you are only one click away from breaking a sweat!

Two of the workouts that I really like are the videos with Autumn Calabrese and the STRONG by Zumba workout.

20-Minute Total Body Sculpt and Tone Workout with Autumn Calabrese will work your butt! It’s only a 20-minute workout but you will definitely feel the burn!

20-Minute STRONG by Zumba Cardio and Full-Body Toning Workout is fun.  It is hard to keep up with the moves but once you get it down it’s an exciting workout. The live class lasts 60 minutes but you can feel the burn in this 20-minute workout.

These videos are Amazing!

These videos are amazing because:

  • It’s Free
  • The only equipment needed are hand weights and a mat
  • Videos are well-produced

I’m currently trying to get back into working out and slow and steady wins the race so I’m not trying to do too much too fast. I stopped working out last summer. I couldn’t motivate myself to start again. Until I realized that summer was here and I couldn’t hide my belly under my coat anymore.

Last month I started with a 10-minute boot camp to ease into working out without injuring myself. I’m upping my game in baby steps. I don’t expect to lose weight, I just want to get used to exercising again.

How do you schedule a workout into your busy schedule? What are your favorite workout channels on YouTube? Let me know in the comments below.

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