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I’m Laarne and I help my audience with their health and wellness journey.

I am a mom of two kids who are constantly on the go. My mission in life is to be an inspiring example for them by eating healthy food and being fit!

Wholesome(ish) Life is where I share my journey with you about weight loss through eating right and exercising.

Do you want a healthier lifestyle? I can help you with achieving your healthy lifestyle goals. You’ll get tips on how to exercise at home. What makes for healthy nutrition. And how to find food freedom! And most importantly: self-care is important too – so we’ll talk about ways on starting your own routine as well.

My obsession with weight loss began when I was 15. I have been trying to lose the same 20 pounds for over 15 years now. I’d like to share my journey with you to get fit and make a better choice with nutrition.


Learning to Fly by Tom Petty is the BEST SONG EVER

I can read Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth’s story over and over again

Drinking coffee black is the only way to go

Doctor Who is the show I love to binge-watch

The smell of peanut butter makes me want to hurl

I’m a San Francisco Giants fan

Laundry is my favorite chore

Unicorns do exist 

Heights terrify me

Burpees and I have a love-hate relationship

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I’d love for you to join me on my journey to living a healthy lifestyle. 

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