Beachbody Healthy Obsession Review

Beachbody Super Trainer Autumn Calabrese is bringing out a new program called Healthy Obsession. This program is a fresh take on the popular Beachbody program, 80 Day Obsession. 

Some Beachbody members say they have a soul mate program. Mine would definitely be 80-Day Obsession. This program was why I joined Beachbody almost 4 years ago! So you can only imagine how excited I was when I found out about Healthy Obsession.

Sometimes I get nostalgic and want to go through the 80-Day Obsession program again. But committing to a full 80 days is a long time! So now that this new program is available I get to do the workouts I love and finish the program in only 4 weeks.

What is Healthy Obsession?

Healthy Obsession is a 4-week program where you’ll sculpt your core, lift your booty, and burn calories. It’s 5 days a week, 50 – 60 minutes per day. 

Autumn will take you through a different workout each day. All inspired by her popular program, 80 Day Obsession. 

Week 4 is a Functional Recovery Week. This is a lighter week with two workouts to reduce the intensity and prep you for your next program.

What is a BODi block?

Healthy Obsession is the first Super BODi Block premiering in November 2022. A body block is 3 weeks a month, five days a week. The fourth week of the month is for recovery. You can take the time to rest, go on vacation, or check out other workouts in BODi or the BOD library.

How to get started with Healthy Obsession

Healthy Obsession is only available with a BODi membership. If you are already a Beachbody on Demand member you’ll want to upgrade to a BODi. If you are new to Beachbody the best way to access Healthy Obsession is to sign up for a Total Solutions Pack.

With a Total Solutions pack you’ll get a year membership to the Beachbody library along with a 30-day trial of the BODi platform where Healthy Obsession can be found. You’ll also get a 1 month’s supply of Shakeology.

If you sign up for an 80-Day Obsession Total Solutions Pack, you’ll get everything you need, including the strength slides and loops.

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80 Day Obsession Total Solution Pack

80 Day Obsession Total Solution Pack

  • 30-Day Supply of Shakeology
  • Shakeology Shaker Cup
  • First 30 days of BODi access
  • Workout Calendar (printed & digital)
  • Strength Slides
  • Fitness Loops
  • Quick Start Nutrition Guide
  • 2B Mindset and Portion Fix digital eating plans

Common Questions/FAQ About Healthy Obsession

What equipment is needed for Healthy Obsession?

You will need light, medium, and heavy dumbbells, as well as resistance loops and strength slides.

Who is Healthy Obsession for?

Healthy Obsession is for anyone looking for a challenge. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or advanced.

The workouts are challenging but there is a moderator for those who need to go a little easier. Either way, it’s a challenging workout.

What nutrition plan is recommended for Healthy Obsession?

For the best results follow one of the nutrition plans available to you such as Portion Fix or 2B Mindset. Or if you want to focus on your gut healthy try following 4 Week Gut Protocol with Healthy Obsession.

Follow the Portion Fix eating plan here. If you want to dial in your eating even deeper follow Timed-Nutrition here.

portion fix containers

 To focus on improved gut health, follow The 4 Week Gut Protocol here.

What’s the difference between Healthy Obsession and 80-Day Obsession?

Healthy Obsession is only a four-week program compared to 8o Day Obsession’s 13 weeks. Also, it’s only five days a week instead of six. Check out this post about 80 Day Obsession to get the full rundown of the program.

Who is Autumn Calabrese?

Autumn Calabrese is a Beachbody Super Trainer and nutrition expert. You may know her from a few other programs such as 21-day Fix, 21 Day Fix, 9-Week Control Freak, and Country Heat. 

She is also the creator of Ultimate Portion Fix. An author of the FIXATE cookbooks, and her latest book Lose Weight Like Crazy, Even If You Have a Crazy Life! 

What is BODi?

Think of Beachbody on Demand Interactive or BODi for short as a virtual gym. With a BODi membership, you’ll get access to a live schedule of daily studio classes. If you can’t make it live you’ll also have access to the on-demand classes that you can work out at any time.

BODi is where you will find Healthy Obsession, it won’t be in the Beachbody on Demand library.

What are the Healthy Obsession workouts like?

Each day of the week has a specific focus on different areas of the body.

  • Day 1 Total Body Core – Work your entire body using compound exercises
  • Day 2 Booty – Target your booty with isolation exercises that are made to help shape a firm, round butt.
  • Day 3 Cardio Fusion – alternate between low- and high-intensity cardio exercises
  • Day 4 AAA – Your arms, abs, and a** are the focus of this “Triple A” workout
  • Day 5 Legs – Leg day hits your quads, hams, glutes, and calves from every angle

Final Thoughts on Healthy Obsession

I finished Healthy Obsession last November and it did not disappoint. I loved that the program was shorter. Because committing to an hour-long 80-day program around the holidays would not be my ideal.

But the one thing I have to say is to watch out for Cardio Fusion. Holy Moly! You may be excited to only have 1 cardio workout a week but cardio core and cardio flow are combined into one hour-long workout, yeah prepare to die!

If you’re not a fan of cardio like myself the only advice I can give you is to go into the workout with the right mindset. It’s only an hour and you will survive:)

I also loved that it had two of the cast members from 80 Day Obsession. You get used to seeing the same people during a long program and it feels like you’re working out with them. So it’s exciting to see them again.

So are you ready to check out Healthy Obsession? Sign up here:)

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