Is Beachbody on Demand Worth the Money

Is Beachbody on Demand worth the money? If you’re not familiar with it it’s like the Nexflix of the at-home fitness world. You get access to a variety of programs and thousands of workouts. I’ve been a member of Beachbody for over two years now and I LOVE IT! As a stay-at-home mom, it’s difficult for me to find time to go to the gym. So being able to work on my fitness goals at home is amazing. 

Review on Beachbody on Demand

Streaming membership workout programs are like Netflix for exercise. You’ll pay a fee for a membership program. Then, you’ll have access to hundreds of workouts from the comfort of your own home

Or where ever you have access to the internet. So you can exercise on your lunch break or while you are at the park with your kids.

What is Beachbody on Demand

Beachbody on Demand is the total package to getting fit, losing weight, and living a healthy lifestyle. With the Beachbody on Demand website and app, you’ll have access to the fitness, nutrition, and support tools you need to achieve your goals. 

You’ll find a variety of different programs with access to thousands of workouts. There is something for every preference and fitness level. You’ll be able to find programs focusing on strength training, cardio, yoga, dance, and even meditation.

Beachbody on Demand Review

I’ve been using Beachbody on Demand for my workouts for over 2 years now. I knew about Beachbody for a while before I joined because of infomercials about 21 Day Fix and P90x. I finally decided to join Beachbody because the price was right and I want to make a commitment to staying consistent with a fitness routine. 

Prior to finally signing up to Beachbody I was using YouTube videos for my fitness workouts. I did a lot of the Pop Sugar videos. One day I found a video with Autumn Calabrese. At the time 80 Day Obsession was her newest program. I really wanted to try 80 Day Obsession. So I signed up for Beachbody. But I was too intimidated to jump right into 80DO so I started with 21 Day Fix. And I haven’t stopped working out since the first day I hit play. 

I’ve gone on to finish many of the programs and have even done some of the programs more than once. 

Beachbody Programs I’ve completed:

I’m a stay-at-home mom so the cost of a gym membership and finding the time to go to the gym were problems I had when wanting to work out. So being able to stream workouts in my own home was a game-changer. My kids are around me when I work out and I don’t have to stress about finding a way to get to the gym.

How to get started with Beachbody

To get started with Beachbody you’ll have to sign up for a membership or sign up for a total solutions pack. If you are new to Beachbody I recommend signing up with a total solutions pack. 

The Total Solution Pack comes with:

  • Shakeology – a delicious, daily superfood nutrition shake
  • Annual BOD subscription – access to 1,500+ workouts and mindful meditations
  • Access to TWO comprehensive nutrition programs that work
  • First 30 days of Nutrition+, which includes access to BODi BETA
  • Support from your Coach and accountability group in BODgroups
  • No-questions-asked 30 day Money Back Guarantee

Tips for Success in Beachbody on Demand

  • Know your fitness level
  • Commit to the process
  • Follow a nutrition plan

Know Your Fitness Level

When starting or deciding on a new fitness program you should know your fitness level. If you’re a beginner you may not want to start out with an advanced program. If you are a beginner you’ll find plenty of programs that are great when first starting out. Such as 21 Day Fix or Country Heat.

However, if you are advanced there are programs that will also challenge you like 6 Weeks of the Work or Insanity.

Commit to The Process

To be successful in your healthy journey you have to commit to the process. You have to do the workouts and follow your nutrition plan. If you do these two things you will see results. Also, listen to the trainer. They created the program and are experts in what they do. So you may not be seeing the result that you want right away. But stick with the workouts and you’ll start to notice a difference. 

Follow a Nutrition Plan

You’ll hear many of the trainers say “Abs are made in the kitchen and you can’t out-train a bad diet. No matter how hard you work out and how committed you are to doing your workout program you will most likely not see the results you want if you do not eat healthily. With all the diets out there it’s hard to know which one to choose. But Beachbody had two nutrition plans to help you make better food choices. The plans are Ultimate Portion Fix or 2B Mindset. 

Ultimate Portion Fix is from Beachbody Super Trainer Autumn Calabrese. Autumn uses color-coded, portion-control containers to take the guesswork out of eating delicious, perfectly-sized meals. The program teaches you how to feed your whole family healthy meals, eat for performance, and beat sugar addiction. Making it easier to meet health goals. You’ll get delicious new recipes, useful tools, and healthy ideas to help you overcome your weight loss obstacles.

2B Mindset teaches you a new approach to eating that will have you feeling full and satisfied instead of hungry and deprived. No counting calories, measuring food, or eliminating food groups. You get to eat the foods you love and live your life. You will learn what to eat and when so you can figure out what works for your body so you can achieve and maintain your weight-loss goals. 

Should you use Beachbody Supplements

Using supplements can help give you more energy and recover faster. These supplements are not necessary for the program but they can help with your results.

Benefits to using the supplements are

  • Having more energy
  • Better recovery from workouts
  • Controlling your sugar cravings


Shakeology is meticulously crafted with a potent blend of protein, probiotics, digestive enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins, and more, carefully sourced from suppliers we know and trust. It helps satisfy hunger, curb cravings, provide healthy energy, and support healthy digestion. lean muscle, weight loss, immune function, and well-being. 


Energize uses a synergistic blend of three key ingredients — beta-alanine, quercetin, and caffeine — to help delay exercise-induced fatigue and boost energy, focus, power, and athletic performance. You will drink this 10 – 15 minutes before your workout! 


Recover is a post-workout protein shake that uses key ingredients scientifically shown to help speed muscle recovery, reduce exercise-induced muscle soreness, and improve muscle strength recovery. It provides your muscles with a rapid and sustained supply of nutrients when your workout is over, to help boost your recovery to get you ready to crush your next workout.

New things are on the Way for Beachbody

If you are not the type that likes to follow programs there is now another option for you. Beachbody just launched BODi (pronounced BODY). BODi stands for Beachbody on Demand interactive. 

It’s a live-streaming fitness platform that brings a group exercise experience into your home. BODi will turn your living room into an exciting and interactive home gym. With the best instructors in the business and anchored by Beachbody’s Super Trainers. 

Types of Workouts

You’ll get access to hundreds of live and on-demand studio classes for example:

  • Cycling workouts
  • Cardio
  • HIIT  
  • Strength training 
  • Barre 
  • Pilates 
  • Yoga

Common Questions/FAQ About Beachbody on Demand

How much is Beachbody on demand a month?

Beachbody has 3 different payment plans you can choose from.

  • 3-month membership at $39.99
  • 6-month membership for $59.99
  • 1-year membership for $99.99

So if you sign up for an annual membership the cost breaks down to 8.25 a month. That is super cheap for what you’re getting! Currently, there’s no option to pay month to month. You could sign up for a free 14-day trial to check BOD. 

Is Beachbody on Demand worth the money? 

Beachbody is worth the money if you are willing to put in the work. It’s not a magic pill that will allow you to lose weight without having to do anything. But it is convenient because you have thousands of workouts available to you as long as you have access to the internet. 

You have to show up daily to do your workouts and commit to eating healthy. You get out of it what you put in. Signing up for an annual membership is a lot cheap than paying for a monthly membership at a gym. You also don’t have to worry about driving or finding child care. So you’re saving money on those two things as well.

What is a Beachbody coach?

When you first sign up to Beachbody you’ll be assigned to a coach. Your coach is there to give you support. If you have questions about a program, nutrition, or need motivation they’re there to help. Your coach is also on a healthy journey and wants to support you along your way. 

Is Beachbody a pyramid scheme?

No Beachbody is not a pyramis scheme. Beachbody offers live and on-demand workouts and programs. There’s an option to sign up as a coach but that’s not a requirement. If you only want to do the workouts you can. You do not need to sign up as a coach. 

What kind of equipment will I need?

For many of the programs, you will only need weights. You’ll want a pair of light, medium, and heavy weights for the workouts. For some programs, like 21 Day Fix Extreme you’ll need resistant bands and a mat.

Other items may include:

Other than weights most of the equipment is not too expensive.  

How long are the workouts?

Workouts can range in time from 20 to 60 minutes. Transform 20 with Shaun T is 20 minutes a day. Most workouts like 21-Day fix, 10 Rounds, and MFB are only 30 minutes long. If you have more time to spare 80 Day Obsession is closer to 60 minutes a day.  

Who are the trainers?

Beachbody’s has a long list of Super Trainers: 

What are BOD Groups?

A Beachbody group (BOD), is sometimes referred to as a “challenge group.” BOD groups help you to stay accountable for your goals. Through a BOD group, you’re able to connect directly with your Coach and workout friends.

It’s a fun platform that brings together customers and Coaches who are committed to getting healthy and supporting each other to reach their goals through regular check-ins, posts, and progress tracking. 

BOD groups are available in the Beachbody App. You’ll be able to share every time you have completed a workout and when you take your supplements. 

What is available on Beachbody on Demand? 

Many programs are available on the Beachbody on Demand library. Some of the more popular ones are:

  • 21 Day Fix
  • Lift 4
  • T20
  • Barre Blend
  • Morning Melt Down
  • 80 Day Obsession
  • Muscle Burns Fat
  • 6 Weeks of the Work
  • 645
  • P90X
  • 10 Rounds
  • Let’s Get Up

These are just a few of the programs you’ll find in the library.

Ready to Get Started with your Beachbody Journey?

I’d love to send you more info about Beachbody on Demand! Fill out the form below and let’s chat about how Beachbody on Demand can help you reach your health and fitness goals!

Yes, Beachbody on Demand is Worth the money!

Before I joined Beachbody on Demand I tried using YouTube fitness videos. I was able to work out at home which is what I wanted. But I needed something more than the free videos I found on YouTube. I made the change to Beachbody because I needed structure, nutrition help, accountability, and community. Getting all of the access to all of these is worth the money.

Beachbody isn’t only about fitness. I also needed help with what to eat. With the nutrition programs available on Beachbody I have access to weekly menus and recipes. This keeps me on track to making healthier choices. And there are groups where I can get support and have accountability towards my goals. 

Conclusion to Beachbody on Demand worth the money?

I joined Beachbody over two years ago and I love it! Beachbody on demand is worth the money. There are a lot of programs to do so you will never get bored. I get to do the workouts on my own time. All I have to do is press play in the comfort of my own home.

Have I convinced you Beachbody on Demand is worth the money? If you’re ready to get started fill out this form and I’ll help get you set up!

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