Best Free Beginner Workout Videos on YouTube

YouTube is an excellent resource for the best free beginner workout videos. CrossFit classes and a gym membership don’t fit into my budget. Thanks to the lovely people who make their exercise videos available on YouTube I am able to work out with great instructors while being in the comfort of my own home.

Best Free Beginner Workout

I love that there are TONS of free workout videos on this fantastic website. When it comes to working out, I need someone to tell me what to do. It’s easier for me to watch and follow what someone is doing rather than trying to exercise on my own.

Summer is here, days are getting longer and hotter. It is one of my favorite seasons of the year! I am excited about the nicer weather but I’m also dreading it because I can no longer hide my body in my winter coat. It’s the time of the year when you start shedding layers of clothing and this is what terrifies me.

Hiding my belly won’t be possible when I pack up my coat for the season. The place where my body keeps most of my excess weight is my midsection.  I wish I could say the extra cushion in my middle was baby weight. My youngest will be 3 in a few months so that excuse isn’t working anymore!

I need to kick my butt into gear and start working out again. It’s a little embarrassing to share this with you but I got on the scale this morning and the number shocked me! I’m weighing in close to 150 pounds. How the hell did that number get so high!!!

Let me tell you seeing that number was a little depressing. But I told myself feeling bad about it isn’t going to do anything. I need to take action and get moving!

Best free beginner workout videos on YouTube. A 30 day boot camp challenge for starting an exercise routine.

YouTube to the Rescue

I made a decision and decided to follow a plan for the next 30 days to get myself moving again. A good way to do this is by starting the best free beginner workout on YouTube. It is the 30 day Fat Burn.

It’s a boot camp workout from the BeFit channel. I have done this workout series before and it’s amazing! Danielle Piscente and Astrid Mcguire are the instructors of the videos. These instructors are easy to follow and I enjoy working with them. 

In my opinion, the video quality is well done. The videos look like they’re filmed in an actual studio and it is not fuzzy or grainy. You will not get bored with this workout program. This boot camp offers several different videos. The instructors change it up each day so you’re don’t doing the same exercise you did yesterday. 

Short and Quick Workouts

The workouts are short, lasting about 10 minutes long. The longest one is about 12 minutes of actual workout time.  Even though it’s a short workout I am still able to break a sweat and get my heart beating! 

Weight loss is not my goal for these 30 days. I want to guide my body back into working out. I don’t want to hurt myself. So I want to take my time rebuilding my strength and endurance.

The best thing I like about these videos being so short is I can do them while my kids are around. I don’t have to wait until nap time to get them in. If I have more energy and want to keep going I can do another video or repeat the same one.

After these 30 days, I will have the motivation I need to kick my butt into high gear and start losing weight. I’ll be ready to shed those extra layers and not hide my body under a sweater all summer!

What do you do to get your body back into shape when you have gained weight? Do you workout to YouTube videos as well? Please let me know!

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