Beachbody on Demand BODI Review

Review of BODi

BODi allows you to work out with your favorite trainers. Without committing to an entire program. I don’t like repeating programs. Once I’ve finished a program I like to move on to a new one I haven’t done yet. Beachbody on Demand has a ton of programs I can choose from without having to repeat. But I’m always a little sad at the end of one. Because I get used to seeing the trainer and cast daily for weeks.

Beachbody on Demand interactive. BODi review.

Even though they aren’t in my living room working out with me, I still get used to seeing them. Now with BODi, I don’t have to miss the trainers. Because I have a choice of training with them without committing to another round of a program I’ve already finished.

What is Beachbody on Demand Intereactive?

Think of Beachbody on Demand Interactive or BODi for short as a virtual gym. With a BODi membership, you’ll get access to a live schedule of daily studio classes. If you can’t make it live you’ll also have access to the on-demand classes that you can work out at any time.

How to get started with BODi

You have to have a Beachbody on Demand membership in order to access BODi. If you’re new to Beachbody on Demand when you sign up you can get a free 30-day trial of BODi. 

Also, if you’re not sure it’s for you and want to try it out before committing you can purchase a 1-day pass to Beachbody on Demand and BODi for $7.

How much will a BODi subscription cost?

BODi is an additional charge to your Beachbody on Demand membership. 

Prices are:

$19.95 monthly or $298 annually

How is BODi different?

BODi brings live fitness classes into your home. This new level of membership can transform your health and fitness experience with your own virtual gym.

You’ll find something new with BODi every day. You’ll stay engaged, motivated, and excited to hit the virtual gym.

The variety will keep you coming back. You’ll love the daily live and on-demand classes. From cycling to strength to yoga, led by Beachbody Super Trainers and top instructors.

You won’t be alone in these workouts. You’ll be able to work out live with friends. Join the BOD cast and see yourself and others on-screen. You may get a shout-out from your trainers.

What do you get with BODi?

BODi gives you access to live and on-demand classes. You’ll get access to a variety of classes and trainers. Having a BODi subscription will also give you access to nutrition programs, meal plans, and recipes.

Tips for Success in Beachbody on Demand Interactive

  • Check out a variety of classes and trainers
  • Sign up for the classes ahead of time. Especially if you want to be apart of the BODCast.
  • Have fun with it!

Common Questions/FAQ About BODi

Who is BODi Good for?

People who want a variety of daily class options but prefer the convenience of working out at home. BODi offers new live studio classes every day. There’s a daily and weekly schedule for all the class options, or you can choose any of the on-demand classes. To help you stay accountable you can schedule your classes in advance.

People who love the energy of group exercise classes. You can join the live BODcast and see yourself and other BODi members working out together on-screen.

People who want to get fit, but aren’t ready to commit to a complete program. You can choose the workouts that fit your mood and goals for that day. No need to make a commitment to a program.

People who need support and motivation to go along with their workouts. Get access to a personal coach and an online community of people who all have the same goal of getting healthy and seeing results.

Who are the BODi trainers?

Beachbody’s Super Trainers

  • Amoila Cesar
  • Autumn Calabrese
  • Elise Joan
  • Idalis Velazquez
  • Jennifer Jacobs
  • Jericho Matthews,
  • Joel Freeman,
  • Megan Davies
  • Shaun T.

Each of these trainers brings their own motivating style to BODi’s live class experience.

Here’s a list of the new instructors joining the Super Trainers: 

  • Monique Bell
  • Teo Chapelier 
  • Lacee Green 
  • Abe Hernandez 
  • Chelsea Hill 
  • Jenny Jaucian 
  • Lee Jimenez 
  • Kevin Lukata 
  • Briana Masson 
  • Taliah Mekki
  • Jennifer Padilla 
  • Jared Sklar 
  • Lindsay Sudell 
  • Eric Thomson

What is the BOD cast?

The BODcast lets up to 75 people in each live class share their own video feed. You’ll be able to see yourself and others on-screen. You may even get shout-outs and tips on form from your trainer. 

Since the BODcast is limited to 75 people, you’ll need to register for a spot in advance. Live classes will have a red lightning bolt symbol next to the time of the class.

If you don’t want to be featured on-screen you can still join a live workout. There is no limit to the number of people who can attend a live class off-screen. 

What nutrition programs are available?

You’ll have access to Portion Fix and 2B Mindset, along with exclusive monthly recipes, meal plans, and expert advice.

Beachbody Super Trainer Autumn Calabrese is the creator of Ultimate Portion Fix. The program uses color-coded, portion-control containers for perfectly-sized meals. You’ll learn how to feed your whole family healthy meals. Eat for performance and beat sugar addiction. Making it easier to meet health goals. 

2B Mindset teaches you a new approach to eating. By following this program you’ll feel full and satisfied. Instead of hungry and deprived. You won’t be counting calories, measuring food, or eliminating food groups. Instead, you get to eat the foods you love and live your life. You will learn what to eat and when so you can figure out what works for your body so you can achieve and maintain your weight-loss goals. 

What does the Day Pass give you access to?  

With the Day Pass, you’ll have complete access to Beachbody On Demand and BODi for 24 hours. You must activate your Day Pass within 7 days of purchase. Once used, day pass purchases can also go towards the purchase of a monthly BODi or annual BOD+BODi membership. 

What types of live and on-demand classes are available on BODi?

  • Cycling
  • Barre
  • Pilates
  • Cardio
  • Core
  • Strength
  • Bootcamp
  • Yoga
  • Meditation

The Last Thing You Need to Know about Beachbody on Demand Interactive

I don’t like repeating programs. Beachbody On Demand has so many options that I don’t have to. But even though there’s plenty of options at your fingertips, I still miss seeing the trainers that I have worked out with for weeks.

The new BODi platform allows me to work out with the trainers I love. Without committing to doing the same program again. Also with BODi, I get to try out new trainers and check out their styles. BODi offers new classes every day so you’ll never be bored.

Do you prefer fresh workouts or following a program? Let me know in the comments below:)

And if you’re ready to sign up for BODi I’d love to help you get started. Just fill out this form!

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