Shaun T’s Dig Deeper Program Beachbody BODi review

Dig Deeper is the newest program from BODi Super Trainer Shaun T. This 12-week program will help you lose fat and build muscle. Keep reading to find out how you can Dig Deeper with Shaun T.

What is Dig Deeper?

Dig Deeper is a weightlifting program for beginners to advanced. Designed to build strength, and gain muscle. It is the ultimate recomposition program.

A body recomposition program reshapes your body by melting fat while building muscle. Revealing a leaner, more muscular body. 

Shaun T’s program consists of three 4-week collections of workouts using lifting techniques that will leave you toned and sculpted. Plan to lift heavy, gradually bumping up your intensity.

Workouts are 5 days a week, 30-50 minutes a day. Plus an optional 6th day with low-impact cardio.  

How to Get Started with Dig Deeper

You’ve got two ways to access the DIG DEEPER program:

Total Solution Pack

When choosing a Total-Solution Pack, you’ll get an annual BODi membership giving you access to BODi blocks every month, thousands of workouts for every level, community support, and accountability.

You’ll also get:

  • 20 servings of Shakeology protein powder
  • 20 servings of clean pre-workout Energize
  • a Shaker Cup
  • eating plans
  • the BODi Essentials Guide
  • plus free access to two of the newest Super Blocks.

Rebel Pack

When choosing the Rebel Pack, you’ll get:

  • monthly BODi membership
  • 100+ fitness programs with thousands of workouts
  • All-new BODi Blocks every month
  • 2 Healthy eating plans, 2B Mindset & Portion Fix, with access to more than a thousand delicious recipes
  • New monthly Mindset & Personal Development content
  • Community support

Already have a BODi membership?

You can buy Dig Deeper as a stand alone purchase. This gives you digital access to the workouts and program materials.

Why is Strength Training Important?

Not convinced you should strength train? Here are some benefits of strength training:

  • It’ll Help You Lose Weight and Maintain a Healthy Weight
  • It Can Improve Your Cardiovascular Health
  • It Can Help You Look Leaner

Strength training is so much more than building muscle. There are many benefits of strength training that go beyond getting ripped. It can make you healthier in many ways.

Check out this post to find out more benefits of strength training.

Common Questions/FAQs About

What Equipment is needed for Dig Deeper?

Dumbbells: light, medium and heavy dumbbells are required. Choose a variety of weights that will challenge you though out the program.

Bench: an adjustable weight bench is also need for the program.

What are the Dig Deeper workouts like?

The program is 12 weeks long divided into three collections lasting four weeks for each collection.

Each Collection includes 5 lifting workouts. The workouts repeat each week, for a total of 4 weeks, before moving on to the next collection.

  • Collection 1 – Dynamic Circuits
  • Collection 2 – Sculpt and Define
  • Collection 3 – The Build

Are Supplements Needed for Dig Deeper?

Using supplements while doing this program can help you get through the workout and recover faster after lifting all the weights. Supplements are not a requirement but they can help.

I recommend using is the post-work supplement Recover

Recover Post-Workout

Protein is going to be your secret weapon during Dig Deeper. Recover contains 20g of protein to help you repair and build muscle and relieve post-workout muscle soreness.

What nutrition program should I follow?

Dig Deeper comes with digital guides on how to follow both 2B Mindset and Portion Fix.

2B Mindset is designed to help you enjoy big, satisfying, meals that conquer your cravings so you’re never deprived.

Portion Fix takes the guesswork out of what to eat. Nothing is off-limits in this eating plan, so reach your goals while enjoying all of your favorite foods.

You can take this quiz to find out which nutrition plan is right for you.

Who is Shaun T?

BODi Super Trainer Shaun T has helped millions of people on their journey to get in the best shape of their lives with his fitness programs and motivating style.

He is best known for his Insanity program. His love of dance is so contagious that you can’t help but want to join in.

What’s after Dig Deeper?

If strength training is your jam then there are several programs you’ll want to check out when you finish the Dig Deeper program.

Two of my favorite programs that focus on strength training are 80 Day Obsession and Liift More.

Who is Dig Deeper for?

Dig Deeper is for anyone who wants to lift. Whether you are a beginner or an expert you can do this program. This program is purely about building muscle and strength.

No burpees are required in this program. No cardio will be required in this program. Bonus low-impact cardio days are an option though if you want to get your heart rate up.

So if you are looking to build and define your muscles Dig Deeper is for you.

Image of Shaun T's newest workout Dig Deeper

The Last Thing You Need to Know about Dig Deeper

I currently finished the first collection of this program and so far all I can say is that I’m sore ALL the time. Which in my opinion is a good thing! I hope being sore means I’m building muscle and gaining strength.

So far I’m liking this program though my only complaint is that it is not filmed in real time. Meaning there are only 15 videos for a 12 week program.

Most of the newer programs like 80 Day Obsession have a different video for each day. So there are 80 videos, 1 video for each workout.

So the Dig Deeper workouts can get a bit repetitive. And you’ll be waiting around while he explains each move even though you’ve already done the move last week.

This isn’t a complaint but there is not a specific modifier in this program. However, Shaun will talk you through ways you can modify some moves.

Also, you can always use less weight when the moves get too intense.

I hoped you enjoyed this review of BODi’s Dig Deeper Program. So are you ready to Dig Deeper? Click on this link to get started!

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