7 Tips to End Food Cravings

A craving is a powerful desire for something. It’s a desire that is hard to deny. Food cravings can destroy your attempt to lose weight. When you are craving a sugary treat it is hard to think of anything else. These tips to end food cravings can help you overcome the desire to indulge.

These tips to end food cravings can help you overcome the desire to indulge. Putting an end to a food craving can be difficult. But practicing these tips to end food cravings helps me to avoid the craving.

Putting an end to a food craving can be difficult. It’s hard to tell myself no in the afternoon when I’m craving a sweet treat. Often times I will find myself in the kitchen staring at my kid’s sugary snacks. But practicing these tips to end food cravings helps me to avoid the craving.

The Tough Love Approach

Sometimes you have to tell yourself to suck it up and get out of the kitchen. And ride out the craving wave. It’s possible that tough love is the only way to approach a problem. Tell yourself you can’t have what you are craving and move on. Take the option off the table and forget about it.

Research says that a craving usually lasts about 20 minutes. So get out of the kitchen and try distracting yourself. Read a book, go for a walk, or play with your kids. After a while, you’ll forget about the food craving you had.

Eat Healthy Fats with every meal

Make sure you are eating healthy fats with every meal. Healthy fats help to keep you fuller for longer.

Good examples of healthy fats are:

  • Avocados
  • Olives
  • Nuts
  • Nut Butters
  • Shredded Coconut
  • Healthy oils (olive, avocado, coconut)

Don’t be afraid of fat. Fat helps to fuel your body. Having a healthy fat with each meal can help to keep you from feeling hungry before your next meal.

Drink plenty of Water

I remember watching the Extreme Weight Loss show many years ago. Chris Powell and his wife Heidi were the trainers helping people to lose weight. Heidi once said something that stuck with me.

She said that oftentimes when you feel like you’re hungry your body is actually thirsty.

Here is what Heidi says about drinking water from her website:
H2O also plays a critical role if you’re trying to lose weight and/or achieve some health and fitness goals:

  • Drinking water can help you feel full. Often, when you feel hungry, your body is trying to tell you it’s thirsty.
  • Got cravings? Drink some water and usually, that craving will go away. And since water has zero calories, think of all those calories you’ll be saving by drinking water instead of caving to your cravings!

Eat enough at each meal

Are you eating enough at each meal? You don’t want to overindulge. But you want to make sure you are getting enough to eat. So you are not searching for snacks between meals.

To make sure you are getting enough to eat at each meal choose healthier options. Don’t fill up on processed foods. Choose vegetables, fruit, protein, healthy fats, and foods high in fiber.

Give in to your craving

Sometimes you need to give in and have what you are craving. But what’s important is to not overindulge. If you are craving sugar try satisfying the craving with fruit. And avoid eating sugar-filled treats like ice cream and cookies.

Have healthier options available

One way to avoid giving in to unhealthy cravings is to be ready. If you’re prepared with food to eat when you have a craving, you’ll do a lot better sticking to your goals.

Have healthy snacks ready to go. Try meal prepping at the beginning of the week. So that you have plenty of healthy options on hand.

That way if a craving hits and you find yourself in the kitchen you can grab a healthy snack you prepared.

Easy Healthy Snack Ideas

Apples and Nut Butter

Slice up an apple and then spread your favorite nut butter. I prefer almond butter because I’m allergic to peanuts. When choosing a nut butter try to pick one that only has one ingredient, the nut. And stay away from sugar.

Veggies and Hummus

If you are craving something crunchy and savory try veggies and hummus. Carrots, celery, peppers, and cucumbers are easy to prep. Cut them up when you are meal prepping for the week. Hummus is a good option to snack on because it can have a lot of protein and fiber.

Nice Cream

If you are settling down for the evening and binging a show on Netflix you may get a craving for something sweet. Instead of grabbing a pint of ice cream try making nice cream.

To make nice cream you need frozen fruit and a low-calorie liquid like almond milk. Place the frozen fruit and liquid in a food processor or blender. Then blend until smooth. Then you have a healthy alternative to ice cream.

Practice Mindful Eating

Have you ever practiced mindful eating? Mindful eating is to observe your current eating habits. Pay attention and write down what you eat, when you ate it, and how you felt before and afterward.

By doing this, you’ll start to discover eating habits you didn’t even realize you had. For example, some people find they tend to eat more without even realizing it.

By learning these habits, you can work on breaking out of them.
You should track your eating habits for a week before moving on to mindful eating.

I know this is something I need to work on. I’m an emotional eater. When I’m anxious, stressed, or bored I turn to the kitchen.

The Last thing you Need to Know to End Food Cravings

When you’re trying to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle a food craving can be the enemy. The craving should be easier to overcome when you’re prepared. Have healthier snack options prepped. And eat healthy foods at each meal. Also make sure to drink plenty of water.

I hope you enjoyed these 7 tips to end food cravings. How do you stop a food craving? Let me know in the comments:)

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