Healthy Frozen Treats To Make At Home

Healthy frozen treats are a better option than the sugar-filled processed ice cream and popsicles you can get at the grocery store. When it starts heating up in the summertime my family and I love to indulge in frozen treats.

Make your own healthy frozen treats at home. These recipes are easy to make and call for a few ingredients. Homemade frozen treats are an healthier option when you're craving something cold.

Unfortunately, the ice cream and popsicles we get from the store have a lot of sugar and artificial ingredients. So instead of buying our frozen treats, I like to make our own.

To make these healthy frozen treats all you need is a blender or a food processor. An ice cream maker is not necessary. Also, most of these recipes only call for a few simple ingredients.

All of these recipes are also dairy-free, paleo, and vegan. The ingredients used are frozen fruit, fresh fruit, natural sweeteners, coconut milk, almond milk, and some veggies.

Homemade Popsicles

To make these healthy and delicious popsicles you’ll want to have a popsicle mold. These popsicles are easy to make and fun to prepare with your kids.

Some of the popsicle recipes have veggies in them. Like the chocolate avocado pops and the green smoothie popsicles. So if you are trying to sneak more veggies into your kid’s diet, like I am. Don’t make those recipes with them:)

Lava Flow Popsicles

Almond Milk Popsicles

Chocolate Avocado Pudding Pops

2 Ingredient Orange Creamsicles

Homemade Fudgesicles

Healthy Raspberry Coconut Popsicles

Green Smoothie Popsicles

Super Food Very Berry Popsicles

Frozen Banana Treats

Bananas are naturally sweet and delicious frozen. If you’re craving chocolate these will be very satisfying and an healthier option.

You can get the whole family involved when making chocolate-dipped frozen bananas. Set out different selections for everyone to choose their favorite toppings.

Trader Joe’s Gone Bananas is a yummy treat. But I haven’t been able to get them yet this summer. Because there is always a long line outside of my Trader Joe’s. But at least I can easily make this healthy frozen treat at home.

Chocolate Dipped Frozen Bananas

Copy Cat Trader Joe’s Gone Bananas

Healthy Sorbet and Ice Cream

Most of these recipes call for coconut milk. Full fat coconut milk gives these “ice creams” the creaminess you expect from the frozen dessert. Also, the recipes call for fresh and frozen fruit. So the desserts are naturally sweetened.

These sorbets and ice creams are healthy options and my family loves them. Since they are so healthy I sometimes let my kids have ice cream for breakfast!

Healthy Pineapple Dole Whip

My family and I went on our first trip to Disneyland last year. We didn’t buy a lot of food at the park because we were on a budget. But the one thing we said we need to try was the Dole Whip and it was worth it!

My daughter is not a fan of pineapple. But she loved the Dole Whip! So I am excited I found a recipe that we can make at home.

Watermelon Strawberry Sorbet

3 Ingredient Strawberry Ice Cream

3 Ingredient Chocolate Ice Cream

Blueberry Ice Cream

It is a summer tradition for my family to go to the U-Pick farm to pick blueberries. My kids usually eat more then they pick! But we try to come home with a least 10 pounds of blueberries.

We like to freeze the berries so we have them on hand. Either to eat by themselves or to make a delicious treat like this blueberry ice cream.

A Much Healthier Option

I first heard about nice creams a few years ago when I was trying to lose the baby weight from my second child. I was doing weight watchers at the time.

So I wanted to stick to my daily points but I occasionally needed a sweet treat. That’s when I found banana nice cream. It changed my whole weight loss game!

I have done several rounds of Whole30 and through the process have learned how much sugar my family and I consume. So I try to make healthier options for the foods we enjoy.

I hope you enjoyed these 15 health frozen treat ideas. What is your favorite frozen treat? Let me know in the comments:)

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