Job 1 with Jennifer Jacobs: What you need to know

Job 1 Beachbody’s Newest Program

Job 1 is a 4-week program that puts you in the mindset that taking care of yourself is not optional. 20 minutes may not seem like it’s enough time to get results. But the sample workout I tried left me breathless and my heart was pumping. 

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New programs are always exciting because it’s new and different. But I’m really looking forward to starting this new program because of how short the workouts are. Everybody is busy and we all have excuses. But anyone can find 20 minutes a day to work on themselves!

What is Job 1?

Job 1 is Beachbody’s newest program launching in December 2021. It’s a 4-week program. That’s 20 minutes a day. For 5 days a week. No two workouts are the same in the entire program.

  • 20 Strength and Cardio workouts.
  • Strength routines that have you working different muscle groups.
  • Cardio workouts pick up the pace to help you burn fat.
  • 4 Optional Bonus Strength workouts and 1 Stretch Recovery routine.

How to get started with the Job 1 program

Job 1 launches in the Beachbody on Demand library in Spring 2022. So make sure to have a BOD membership. If you don’t want to wait until Spring you can get early access to the program in December by signing up for a Total Solutions pack.


Tips for Success

  • Challenge yourself
  • Follow a nutrition program

Challenge yourself

Challenge yourself by showing up for those 4 weeks. Listen to your body but make sure you push yourself. If you can lift heavier then do it. If you’ve been using the light resistance band then try the medium or heavy. 

You may surprise yourself by finding out you’re a lot stronger than you thought. If you don’t challenge yourself you’re not going to see the results you want. 

Follow a nutrition program

Beachbody has two nutrition programs to help you create healthy habits. 2B Mindset and Portion Fix show you realistic approaches to healthy eating. And will help you get your best results with Job 1.

Autumn Calabrese created The Ultimate portion fix. Through this program, you will learn how to measure your portions of specific food groups with containers. You’ll get your nutrition from fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, carbs, and healthy fats.

Ilana Muhlstein developed the program 2B Mindset. This program can help you overcome emotional eating. It also helps you learn to have a healthy mindset with food. You’ll learn how to make healthy food choices in any situation.

If you sign up with a Total Solution pack you will have access to both of these nutrition programs.

Job 1 Beachbody Program Common Questions/FAQ 

When does Job 1 come out?

Job 1 launches on Beachbody on Demand for coaches and preferred customers on December 1. 

Vip access to the program begins December 16th. The program will be available to everyone with a Beachbody on Demand membership in Spring 2022.

Who is Jennifer Jacobs?

Picture of Jennifer Jacobs. Creator of Job 1.

Jennifer Jacob is Beachbody’s newest super trainer. She’s a personal trainer, nutrition coach, and fitness nutrition, specialist. She is also a certified indoor cycling instructor through Schwinn and the Athletics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA). 

Also known for her functional training workouts and heart-pounding classes. Jennifer will help you stay accountable and will help you create your best self.

What equipment is needed for Job 1?

Job 1 requires minimal equipment. You’ll only need dumbbells and resistance loops. Make sure to have light, medium, and heavy weights and resistance loops. This way you can challenge yourself. And to make sure continue to progress with your fitness goals.

Optional equipment is the MYX bike or any stationary bike for the cycling workouts. The cycling workouts are not mandatory for the program. But if you do have a bike you can substitute the cardio days with the cycling workouts.

What is the Total Solution Job 1 pack?

You have the option of purchasing a Total Solution pack which will get you VIP early access to the program. 

You have three options with a Total Solution Pack:

  • Shakeology – Chose your favorite flavor of Shakeology
  • Performance pack- Beachbody Recovery and energize
  • Go and Glow – Beachbody Performance Energize, Hydrate and Beachbody Collagen Boost

You’ll also get these items with a Total Solution pack:

  • Get Started Guide and Calendar: Includes a quick overview of the program and your workout schedule.
  • Resistance Loops: A set of these loops includes three resistance levels (light, medium, and heavy)
  • Job 1 Notepad and Pen: Equipped with an adhesive backing and checklist, the Job 1 Notepad is a reminder of your commitment to your health.
  • 1 month BODI access

What makes Job 1 unique?

One of the things that makes Job 1 unique is that it’s only 20 minutes a day. With workouts this short and effective, it’s easy to make time for yourself. No matter how busy you are. 

Another thing that stands out is that there is no cast. It’s only Jennifer. She chose not to have a cast because she wants to be right there working with you. I like it when the trainers do the work with you. Because I want them to feel the pain and burn as much as I do:)

Also, it’s the first time Beachbody has had a program that includes 4 Optional Cycling workouts. These cycling workouts can add variety to your cardio days.

Who is Job 1 good for?

Job 1 is great for beginners looking to get started. The workouts are short and there are modified versions of the moves. Also, you can choose to use lighter weights and resistance loops.

But workouts can also be stacked for those looking for more of a challenge. And you can also go heavier on the weights and resistance loops.

Job 1 Results

Proof that Job 1 works:

Job 1 progress picture on Angla O

WEIGHT LOST: 24 lbs.

“I didn’t know I could get such a good workout in only 20 minutes! These short workouts make me feel
like I did an hour workout at the gym…I’m seeing results quick!

Job1 Success Story Tracy Taylor

WEIGHT LOST: 25 lbs.

“My waist is definitely slimmer. I feel a lot stronger and some of my clothes are starting to fit again! You
get such an intense workout in a short time…it doesn’t feel like a chore.”

Job1 Success Story Riki Boothroyd

WEIGHT LOST: 29.6 lbs.

“I have high blood pressure and want to be healthy for my two children…Job 1 makes changing your
lifestyle simple, and the habits I have formed are changing my everyday life for the better.”

The Last Thing You Need to Know about Job 1

Finding hours each day to work on yourself is difficult. But we can all carve out 20 minutes a day to put ourselves first. Job 1 is a program for everyone. I’m excited to do this program as soon as it comes out. And I’ll back to update this post with how it went when I’ve been through the program.

If you’re ready to put yourself first sign up for my newsletter here so I can get you more information about the program:)

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