Muscle Burns Fat Beachbody Workout Review

My newest obsession with Beachbody on Demand is Muscle Burns Fat. It’s a newer workout available only on Beachbody. I love the program because I feel and look stronger. Also, I don’t hate cardio as much as I used to!

Muscle Burns Fat is a new Beachbody workout. MBF is a strength training and cardio workout. You'll find it on Beachbody on Demand.

What is MBF/MBFA?

Muscle Burns Fat and Muscle Burn Fat Advance are newer programs from Beachbody on Demand. Each program is 3 weeks long. So each program back to back is 6 weeks. There are 6 workouts each week and an active recovery day on Sundays. You will get leaner and stronger as you increase your metabolism and burn fat. For three weeks, you’ll follow weightlifting and cardio workouts. These workouts are set to a fast-paced music beat. 

Megan Davies is the instructor of this program. She is one of Beachbody’s super trainers. This program is unique because it was filmed during Covid. So none of the cast is in the studio with Megan. Instead, they’re all working out with her online at home. It’s kind of interesting watching the cast doing the same workout with you at home! 

For the workouts, you will need light, medium, and heavy dumbbells. You will also need a cordless jump rope or BOD rope. There is a lower body, upper body, and full-body burn. Also, there are 3 different cardio days. You will alternate strength and cardio workouts. 

Cost of Muscle Burns Fat

You need a membership to Beachbody on Demand to have access to MBF/MBFA. Beachbody has 3 different payment plans you can choose from.

  • A 3-month membership is $39.99
  • A 6-month membership is $59.99
  • A 1-year membership is $99.99

MBF/MBFA is a 6-week program. So if that is the only program you want to do then buy a 3-month membership. But there are other great programs worth checking out like 10 Rounds, The Work, and 80-Day Obsession.

Beginners and Muscle Burns Fat

In my opinion, MBF/MBFA is a great workout for beginners. Especially MBF because it gets you ready for the hard workouts in MBFA. Also, there is a moderator who you can follow if the moves are too challenging. If you find the workout challenging just go at your own pace and lift lighter weights. 

When I started MBF is had taken almost 6 weeks off from working out. I had shoulder pain, it was the holidays, and I was moving. So working out wasn’t high on my priorities. But when I was able to get be stuff together and commit to the program I found that I had to take it easy and do the modified moves because I didn’t want to hurt myself. So if you are a beginner or haven’t worked out in a while you can still do this program. 

How Long are MBF Workouts?

The workout length of MBF/MBFA lasts between 25-40 minutes long. During the week plan to work out for around 30 to 40 minutes. MBF workouts are usually around 30 minutes. Then when you get to MBFA the workouts get a little longer, around 40 minutes. Saturday’s workouts are a quick 25 minutes. Sunday is a recovery day with a 25 minute active recovery workout. 

What you should eat while doing the MBF/MBFA program?

MBF/MBFA comes with the Beachbody guide to nutrition. It has calorie guide recommendations and meal prep tips to help guide you through the program. This guide can help you create healthier habits. 

You can also pay an additional fee and sign up for the Ultimate Portion Fix or 2B Mindset programs. 

The Ultimate portion fix is designed by Autumn Calabrese and you will learn how to measure your portions with containers. 

2B Mindset can help you overcome emotional eating. It helps you learn to have a healthy mindset with food. It will teach you how to make healthy food choices in any situation. 

What is needed for MBF/MBFA?

There is not a lot of equipment needed for MBF/MBFA. The items you will need are BOD ropes, dumbbells, and a mat. You’ll be doing a lot of strength exercises. And two days a week is more focused on cardio and core.  

For the strength workouts, you will need light, medium, and heavy pairs of weights. I used five, eight, and ten-pound weights. Though I could have benefited from heavier weights on some of the moves. I had to use what I had. 

You may be asking what BOD ropes are. Basically, they are cordless jump ropes. So rather than worrying about having the space to use a jump rope you still get the same workout as if you were using one. You can buy BOD ropes from Beachbody’s website. Or take the cheaper version and buy a cordless jump rope on Amazon. I took the cheaper option. I paid around $12 for mine. I like the ones I got but I would have preferred to get a pair with smaller balls. 

In a Facebook group that I’m in someone suggested putting tennis balls into tube socks. And you would get the same results. 

Is Muscle Burns Fat a good workout?

MBF/MBFA is an amazing workout! I feel the burn and I sweat buckets every time I hit play! Megan is really good at instructing you so you can easily follow along. The tracker sheets also help so you know what to expect before hitting play. These workouts are for anyone. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or advanced. If you are a beginner you can follow the modifier. If you are advanced all you have to do is use heavier weights and move faster.

I like how each day alternates between strength training and cardio workouts. So your muscles kind of get a rest on cardio days. You also do core strength workouts on cardio days so you can still work on that 6 pack. 

What I liked about the program

What I like about the program is that it is short. Each workout in MBF is around 30 minutes. So I can get it done and move on with my day. I also like that each program is 3 weeks long. So when I finished the program it felt like an accomplishment. Also since it is short you don’t get bored with the program. 

I also like Megan. She is upbeat and easy to follow. The moves she chose are doable. And I love using cordless jump ropes. They were a little hard to get used to at first but once you got the hang of it it was a fun addition to the workout.  

Why you should try the program

You should try the program because it is challenging and you will see results if you put in the work. I didn’t lose any weight but that’s because my nutrition sucks! But for a non-scale victory, I notice my endurance improved. I’m not a fan of cardio. But I’m starting to like it a little more after this program. The first few weeks I was dying with all the jumping. But now I have no problem knocking out the high knees and other cardio moves. I also feel stronger. I can see more muscle definition in my arms. And my legs are so much more toned. I can’t wait to wear shorts this summer!

While I’m writing this post I am doing my second round of MBF. I am using heavier weights and pushing myself harder during cardio. Not sure if I will go three rounds of this program back to back but I do love it!

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