Whole 30 Holiday Recipes

A round up of 7 Whole 30 holiday recipes for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners.

I wanted to do a roundup of Whole 30 holiday recipes so you can stay compliant while staying on your Whole 30 path. From the main dish to the sides and sauces, your holiday dinner will be compliant and delicious.

In September I completed my third round of the Whole 30. I don’t plan on doing another round until January but I’m trying to not stray too far from the Whole 30.

That’s why I’m choosing to use compliant Whole 30 holiday recipes for my Thanksgiving and Christmas meals this year. I don’t think I’m going to miss the sugar, dairy or grains from the traditional recipes.

I haven’t tried all these recipes yet but they look delicious and are from bloggers who I love so I’m sure they’ll be a hit.

Whole 30 Holiday Recipes

Main Dish

Paleo Whole 30 Roasted Turkey

This recipe for a Roasted Turkey is from my favorite Whole 30 blogger, Real Food with Jessica. So far every recipe that I have tired of hers is delicious! The recipe calls for simple ingredients, like ghee and herbs. So your main dish will be easy to put together on the big day.


Whole 30 Scalloped Sweet Potatoes

The holiday side dish I look forward to eating the most each year is a sweet potato casserole. Unfortunately, one of the main ingredients in this dish is sugar or a sweetener. This year I’m trying this recipe for scalloped sweet potatoes from Physical Kitchness. This recipe looks so good, I’m guessing there won’t be any leftovers!

Sweet Potato Unstuffing

If you are trying to stick to your Whole 30 during the holidays traditional stuffing is off the table. But, this sweet potato unstuffing recipe from The Real Food Dietitians will make you happy you decided to ditch tradition.

Whole 30 Crockpot Mashed Potatoes

This recipe is from 40 aprons.  It’s such a great idea to make mashed potatoes in the crockpot. You’ll have more room on your stovetop and all the vitamins from the potatoes won’t be lost from boiling them. Even though there is no milk or butter in this recipe the ghee and coconut milk will still leave these mashed potatoes velvety, the dairy won’t be missed.

Green Bean Casserole

This recipe is also from 40 aprons. It requires a little more time and effort but it should be worth it. You’ll be making homemade fried onions and cream of mushroom soup. You could make the soup the day before to save time. 

A round up of 7 Whole 30 holiday recipes for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners.

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Easy Cranberry Sauce

Easy Cranberry Sauce is also from Jay’s Baking Me Crazy. I really like how she uses dates to make the sauce sweeter.

I didn’t know how delicious cranberry sauce was until I was an adult. Spooning cranberry sauce onto my turkey seemed like the strangest thing to do. I’m glad I grew up to discover how well sweet and savory go together!

Umami Gravy

I’m excited to try this gravy recipe from Nom Nom Paleo. This is horrible to admit but before the Whole 30, I would use those powdered gravy packs or premade jars of gravy. I know that’s terrible but I honestly did not know how easy it was to make your own gravy! This recipe should be delicious and flavorful.

During the Holidays the Whole 30 can be Hard

We are planning on having a quiet holiday this year so making our Thanksgiving and Christmas meals with these Whole 30 holiday recipes shouldn’t be a problem. My kids don’t eat much anyway so I don’t think they will miss the traditional recipes. My spouse likes trying new things so he won’t complain as long as it’s tasty!

Staying compliant on Whole 30 during the holidays can be challenging. You have to pass on the pumpkin pie, dinner rolls, and stuffing but you don’t have to pass on taste. These Whole 30 holiday recipes will help you stay on your Whole 30 journey.

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