30 Whole 30 Sheet Pan Recipes

Being on the Whole 30 can be hard. Especially if you’re not used to cooking all the time. But this round-up of Whole 30 sheet pan recipes can help make it easier to get compliant meals on the table.

If you don’t already know the Whole 30 is an elimination diet that lasts for 30 days. A reset of your eating habits and relationship with food. 

Eliminated from your diet for 30 days is:

  • Sugar
  • Alcohol
  • Grains
  • Legumes
  • Dairy
  • Soy
  • Specific additives Carrageenan, MSG, and added Sulfites

 What You Can Eat:

  • Meat
  • Seafood
  • Eggs 
  • Vegetables ( tons!)
  • Fruits
  • Healthy fats (such as olive oil, coconut oil, almonds, cashews, and olives)

Sheet Pan Recipes are Simple & Easy

Sheet pan meals are like one-pot meals. They are easy to make and easy to clean. Less mess because there is only one pan. Also, if a recipe calls for a certain ingredient it’s easy to substitute.

Sheet pan recipes are perfect for when you are on a round of Whole 30 because life can get busy. You don’t always have time to spend hours cooking in the kitchen.

What You Need for Sheet Pan Meals

Make sure to pick the right sheet pan. You want one that is sturdy and big enough. Also, make sure that it has a rimmed edge.

You want to contain any sauces from dripping off. I use these Nordic Ware aluminum sheet pans. I love these because they are sturdy and will never warp.

Sheet pan meals mean there is only one pan to clean after dinner. And to make clean up easier you can use parchment paper or these silicone mats.

Another good kitchen tool to have on hand is a meat thermometer. This tool is so helpful because I’m never sure when meat is done. And I don’t want to overcook it and make it dry. So having a thermometer helps take out the guesswork.

Whole30 Sheet Pan Recipes

Most sheet pan recipes call for a protein and a vegetable making the meals super healthy. Sheet pan meals don’t have to be only for dinner. There are a ton of breakfast recipes too.

Here is a list of Whole 30 bloggers who have delicious sheet pan recipes. Most of the ingredients are simple and easy to find.

Nom Nom Paleo

Paleo Running Mama

Physical Kitchness

Whole Kitchen Sink

The Whole Cook

Real Simple Good

The Real Food Dietitians

30 Whole 30 sheet pan recipes will inspire you to get a quick and easy meal on the table. Sheet Pan meals are easy and convenient. Creating less mess to clean up.

Tips for Sheet Pan Meals

Make sure that your proteins and veggies have the same cooking time. You want all the ingredients on your sheet pan to finish at the same time.

But, you can also add items in stages. Like when I make sausage with peppers and potatoes. The potatoes are going to take the longest.

So I will start roasting the potatoes. Then when they are getting closer to done I’ll add the peppers. Then the sausage because these items won’t take as long to cook.

To save time and make sheet pan meals quicker pre-cut your veggies. Store them in airtight bags or containers until ready to use.

It is much easier to make one huge mess in the kitchen instead of several huge messes throughout the week. So cut all the vegetables you have from the market when you’re meal prepping for the week.

Easy Whole 30 Meals

With sheet pan meals you can throw all the ingredients on the pan put it in the oven and walk away. If you don’t consider yourself a good cook sheet pan meals are perfect because they are hard to mess up.

Whole 30 can be intimidating. First, you have to learn what you can and can’t eat. Once you figure that out you have to decide what you are going to make for your meals.

Your meals don’t have to be over complicated. These Whole 30 sheet pan recipes are easy and simple meals to help you stay on your round of Whole 30.

What sheet pan recipes are your favorite? Let me know in the comments:)

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