Whole30 Approved Drinks, Compliant Beverages

So you want to start Whole 30 but the thought of only drinking water for the next 30 days has you down? Here are some Whole30 approved drinks that are not water. Don’t worry there are plenty of drink choices to keep your taste buds happy.

Here are some Whole30 approved drinks that are not water. There are plenty of drink choices to keep your taste buds happy.

You may feel limited in what you can drink when on a round of Whole 30. You know water is ok but it can get boring. So, what do you drink?

Whole 30 Approved Drinks


There are a lot of things you must eliminate from your diet when on Whole 30. But luckily coffee is not one of them. Though you do have to say good-bye to the sugar and sweet creamers.

So now how do you drink your coffee? If you can’t drink it black, there are other options for creamers. A popular one is Nutpods. Though it is not as sweet it can add the creamy goodness to your coffee.

A month before my first round of Whole 30, I started drinking my coffee black. I used to have my morning cup of joe with HEAPING spoonfuls of sugar.

I wanted to know if it was coffee, I liked drinking. Or if it was the sugar I craved in the morning. I learned it was the coffee I liked.

It has been over two years since my first round of Whole 30. And I have continued drinking my coffee black. I love coffee just as it is.

Once I took a drink of my hubby’s coffee that had sugar in it. And I thought it was the most disgusting thing. So that’s a Non-Scale victory for me.

Before starting Whole 30 I never would have considered drinking my coffee black. Now that’s the only way I prefer it.

If you don’t like the way coffee tastes without sweeteners, try a different brand or a different roast. When drinking your coffee black, you want to make sure you are drinking quality coffee. Avoid ground coffee in containers.


Tea is a great way to changes things up when you get bored with your beverages. It’s good hot or cold. Also, there are so many different flavors of tea to choose from.

But be sure to check your labels. Many teas have added sugar and other additives, like soy. Which is a no-no for Whole30. Some of my favorite brands are Celestial Seasonings which has a large variety of flavors. Another favorite is Tazo teas.

Sparkling Water

If you drink soda or beer often then sparkling water can be a good alternative when on Whole 30. There are so many brands to choose from and a ton of flavors to keep it interesting.

Make sure to check the labels for added sweeteners. LaCroix and Polar seltzers are popular brands that are easy to find.


Kombucha is an acquired taste. It can taste like vinegar. But if you find the right flavor it’s a good drink. Especially when you’re craving a cocktail.

Kombucha and sparkling water make a good mocktail. Kombucha has great health benefits too. It’s filled with probiotics.

Kombucha can be confusing because sugar is used in the fermentation process. So, you may think that you can’t drink it on Whole 30. But you can if you check the ingredients.

Many brands add sugar to the drink after the fermentation process. But there are brands that don’t. GT Kombucha does not have added sugar and it is a popular brand. So you should be able to find it at most grocery stores.

Nut Milk

Nut milk such as almond and cashew milk are compliant for Whole 30. But make sure to check your labels because some brands add sugar and carrageen. If you often drink a glass of milk then nut milk is a good substitute. It is also good to put in your coffee or tea.

Here are some Whole30 approved drinks that are not water. There are plenty of drink choices to keep your taste buds happy.

Approved Drinks but…

Vegetable Juice

Vegetable juice is allowed but it shouldn’t take the place of real vegetables.

Liquid food is not encouraged on Whole 30. Meaning you should get your nutrition from whole food. The Whole 30 program would prefer you chewed your food rather than drink it.

But is you want to add vegetable juice for added nutrition that is ok. It’s better if you made your own vegetable juice. But if you do buy premade make sure there are no non-compliant ingredients.

Coconut Water

Most Coconut brands of coconut water are compliant but some do have sugar in the ingredients. So again make sure to read labels.

The official Whole 30 website states:

Coconut water is essentially a “light” fruit juice. If you’re involved in endurance athletics, work in a profession that leaves you prone to dehydration, or just want a refreshing treat, coconut water can be a fine choice for rehydration. Just don’t let coconut water take the place of plain old water in your daily routine.

Fruit Juice

Fruit Juice is compliant on Whole30 but this can be confusing. It’s ok to use to flavor sauces, soups, or entrees but not to drink.

A good example of when to use fruit juice is making ketchup. There are several recipes that call for apple juice.

So you can have fruit juice on Whole 30 but only as an ingredient, not as a drink.

Drink Up!

Water is not the only option when doing Whole30. You have a variety of different drinks to quench your thirst. Coffee, tea, and kombucha are a few options you have.

Tell me about your favorite Whole30 approved drinks. Let me know in the comments:)

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    1. Hi Carol! Most Ice brand drinks contain sucralose which is a form of sugar. So it’s a no go for Whole30. Have you tried Spindrift sparkling water? It’s naturally sweetened with fruit, no sugar is added:)

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