Whole30 Soups, Stews, and Chili Recipes

Baby, it’s cold outside! When fall starts to fade into winter I start craving comfort food. Soups, stews, and chili recipes are perfect for feeding this craving. These comfort foods are usually easy to make and you only need one pot. So if you are seeking comfort food here is a list of Whole30 soups, stews, and chili recipes.

15 Whole30 Soup, Stews, and Chili recipes to warm you up this winter. Healthy comfort food when you are following a Whole30 or Paleo lifestyle.

Traditional comfort food has a lot of dairy and carbs. But these soups, stews, and chili recipes are filled with healthy ingredients. So you can stay on track to living a healthy lifestyle.

Whole30 Soups

Soups are easy to throw together for a warm winter meal. And they are great to make ahead when you meal prep for the week. These recipes are filling and you won’t feel like you are on a liquid diet!

Paleo Whole30 Lasagna Soup from Real Food with Jessica

I love lasagna but all the cheese and pasta it’s not ideal when trying to lose weight. This soup is a much healthier version with all the flavors.

Whole30 Zuppa Toscana from Farmstead Chic

This is my favorite Zuppa Toscana recipe that I have tried. The coconut milk makes this soup delicious and creamy. Instead of using Italian sausage I use ground turkey and and a lot of Italian season.

Instant Pot Jambalaya Soup from Mary’s Whole Life

Veggie Packed Hamburger Soup from Our Salty Kitchen

This soup is filling! It is a good soup to make when you have hungry people to feed.

Bacon Cheeseburger Soup from Paleo Running Momma

When you are craving a big juicy hamburger try this soup instead. It’s not the same as biting into a greasy bacon cheese burger. But it does have all the flavors to satisfy your cravings.

Paleo Whole30 Stuffed Pepper Soup from Real Food with Jessica

Making stuffed peppers can be a pain. You have to cook the peppers before you stuff them. Otherwise, you’ll end up with crunchy peppers. You can avoid worrying about crunchy peppers by making this soup instead.

Sausage Kale and Potato Soup from The Bettered Blondie

Swedish Meatball Soup from What Great Grandma Ate

Chicken Enchilada Soup from Paleo Running Momma

Whole30 Stews

I love the delicious aroma stew fills your home with. Stew is the perfect recipe for when it’s snowing outside. It will keep you warm and toasty.

Comforting Irish Beef Stew from The Wooden Skillet

Dutch Oven Beef Stew from Our Salty Kitchen

Instant Pot Beef Stew from Whole Kitchen Sink

Whole30 Chili Recipes

I have always thought you couldn’t make chili without beans. But these recipes deliver the delicious flavors of chili. While being able to stick to your Whole30 or Paleo lifestyle.

Whole30 Chili from Well Plated

Whole30 Paleo Chili from The Clean Eating Couple

Instant Pot Whole30 Chili with Butternut Squash from 40 Aprons

Healthy Comfort Food

I hope you enjoyed this list of Whole30 soups, stews, and chili recipes. These recipes are comforting and perfect for a cold winter day. Also, they are easy to make and perfect for meal prep.

What is your favorite comfort food? Let me know in the comments:)

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