XB Pilates Super Block BODi Review

XB Pilates is one of the best total body workouts. It’s a low-impact workout focusing on working the body from the core. You’ll be building strength and flexibility. No heavy lifting or high-impact cardio is needed to see results.

If one or two-pound weights don’t sound challenging see how quickly you will change your mind after trying this program!

What is XB Pilates?

XB Pilates uses reformer-inspired moves to strengthen your entire body. If feeling more flexible and looking more toned are your goals, XB Pilates can help you reach them.

Instead of using an expensive reformer machine, you will use strength slides to perform the moves. Or if you’re following the modifier they will show you how to perform the moves without the slides.

How to get started with XB Pilates

You will need a BODi membership to access the XB Pilates Super Block. Purchasing a Total Solution Pack is the best deal If you are new to BODi.

The Total-Solution Pack comes with an annual BODi membership. Giving you access to BODi blocks each month, thousands of workouts for every level, community support, and accountability.

Another option to access this program is to sign up for a Rebel Pack. The Rebel pack comes with the same goodies as the Total Solution pack however you pay monthly. This is a good option if you’re unsure you want to commit to a whole year.

So if you are not ready to commit to an annual membership you could choose this option.

If you are already a BODi member you can purchase XB Pilates at any time and gain immediate access after your purchase.

What is a Super Block?

A Super Block is a fan-favorite program remade into a fresh BODi Block by Super Trainers. You’ll get all-new workouts of the program that you love.

With 5 workouts a week for 3 weeks followed by an UP Week. The block format gives you the perfect balance of exercise, recovery, and training.

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Common Questions/FAQ About XB Pilates

What equipment do I need for XB Pilates?

Does XB Pilates have a nutrition program?

With your membership to BODi, you get access to two healthy eating plans.

You’ll also get access to hundreds of recipes and meal plans to help you reach your weight loss goals.

2B Mindset is designed to help you enjoy big, satisfying, meals that conquer your cravings so you’re never deprived. You’ll focus on eating lots of veggies to help add volume to your meals.

Portion Fix takes the guesswork out of what to eat. You don’t have to worry about giving up foods you like. You’ll portion certain food categories so you can reach your goals while enjoying your favorite foods.

You can take this quiz to learn which nutrition plan is right for you.

Who is XB Pilates For?

If you are getting started on your fitness journey this workout would be a great way to start.

However, if you have been working out for years this program is also for you. I tend to prefer workouts that focus on strength training. So I was worried this program wouldn’t be a good fit for me.

But lifting those two-pound weights was a challenge! You’ll get a great upper and lower body workout with this Super Block.

Who is Andrea Rodgers?

Super Trainer Andrea Rogers is a Pilates instructor and former professional dancer who created Xtend Barre, XB Pilates, and other fitness programs.

A picture of Andrea Rodgers. A Beachbody BODi super trainer.

She combines barre with Pilates and high-energy cardio dance for this energizing program.

Her proven techniques have helped thousands worldwide transform their bodies and gain strength and confidence.

What are the workouts like?

  • 5 workouts a week
  • 30 minutes a day

Each day has a different focus:

  • XB Pilates Signature: this workout pairs traditional mat moves with Reformer-inspired standing movements.
  • Hit the Mat: a floor class where you will increase mobility and full body definition.
  • Cardio Fusion: a cardio session that combines Xtend Barre movements and Reformer-inspired cardio exercises.
  • Sculpt and Define: upper body workout focused on strength, flexibility, and alignment.
  • Lower Body and Core: a combination of standing exercises and floor-based Pilates moves to strengthen your lower body and core.

You’ll also get three bonus Express workouts that can be done alone or added to one of the workouts to get more of a burn and longer workout.

The three bonus workouts are:

  • Core Express: Sculpt and strengthen your core in just 15 minutes
  • Lower Body Express: mat work focusing on your booty and thighs
  • Flexibility: a stretching sequence that is great to do for extra recovery

What happens after XB Pilates?

If you enjoyed training with Andrea you should try XB Sweat and Sculpt.

XB Sweat and Sculpt is a fun cardio dance workout. It’s a 3-week program that’ll have you feeling lean, toned, and strong.

Do you want to move your body and have fun while doing it? If so this program is for you. So if you want to keep working with Andrea definitely give XB Sweat and Scuplt a try.

Final Thoughts on XB Pilates BODi Superblock

When I first heard about this program my first thought was to skip it. My favorite program is 80 Day Obsession.

So using one to two-pound weights didn’t sound challenging enough for me. But I was wrong. Doing the XB Pilates Super Block was fun and challenging. I’m glad I did it!

Your muscles get a workout with this program. I enjoyed this program and I’m glad I committed to it.

If you have 30 days and want to check out the BODi XB Pilates Super Block sign up here:)

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